Brand Voice + Bios

Give your brand a voice. Share your story. Let them know what you’re all about. Whether you’re looking to sound playful or professional (or a bit of both), we’ve got your back.


Whether you’re seeking help developing your brand voice, want a seasoned wordsmith to whip up a bio that stands out from the masses, or simply need a straightforward formula to follow for writing your mission statement, we’ve got just the solution for you (and your #bosslady goals). Browse our brand messaging services for wedding pros below (or go the DIY route with our seriously helpful downloadable options).

Brand Voice Guide | $350

If you have something to say about your wedding business, but no idea how to say it, this service is all you. We develop brand voice guides for budding wedding pros that give you easy-to-follow tips for talking to your audience, along with copy samples you can use time and sweet time again. Delivered as a PDF. Possibly the best present you ever bought yourself. Mic drop.

Social Media Bios | $90

Struggling to make the most of those 150 characters? Dislike. Let us know the vibe you’re seeking, and we’ll craft up a social media bio that packs a punch on your brand’s behalf. (Witty emoji use optional.)

Brand Voice Guide + Mission, Vision, and Values | $500

Our same brand voice guide—but this time with company mission, vision, and values statements included.

The Professional & Playful Bio Package | $250

Different parties call for different attire. We’ll provide two versions of your wedding professional bio—one that’s more buttoned-up, and one that’s as playful as a rooftop cocktail hour.

LinkedIn Bio | $250

You can think of about 327 things you’d rather be doing than writing your LinkedIn bio. Amiright? If you’re looking for a bio that’s polished, professional, on-brand—and not a total snoozefest—you’ve come to the right place.

Down to define your own brand docs? We offer an easy-to-follow mission, vision, and values template for wedding and creative pros—plus, it includes a free word bank to help you get started (because we’re nice like that).