Brands That Book Podcast | Creating and Organizing a Content Calendar


If I had to name one thing that people come to me frustrated about - it’s keeping up with content. And, I get it. When you are your product or service and you’re working hard to run your business, mentor your team, keep clients happy (and live your life), sitting down to write a blog post is pretty much the last thing that feels important to do. But after years of creating unique pieces of content at a crazy-ass pace with Gillian, if you’re looking for ways to make creating content less stressful, I’ve got ideas for you!

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Brands That Book podcast and sat down with Davey to talk all things content creation, process, and distribution. So, those ideas I just talked about - yeah, they’re in this episode! Give it a listen to learn:

  • How you can use content to grow your business and brand

  • The importance of optimizing your content

  • How often you should be creating new content

  • Ways to speed up the distribution of your content

  • How to pick functional images to pair with your copy

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