Meet Tayler

Marketing Consultant + Fulltime Feminist

Fueled by: good people | disco | weekends spent on the road (cycling) or rock (climbing)

Whether you want to call her the wedding industry whisperer or a marketing master (or both), there’s no denying Tayler’s expertise as a wedding industry consultant is unparalleled. As the co-founder of Sourced Co. and the former marketing director at Aisle Planner, she’s spent over four years developing smart solutions to help wedding pros simplify and streamline their marketing, branding, and public relations efforts. The poster-child of creative collaboration, Tayler is all about the magic that happens when two driven people come together—which is why ensuring both parties learn from each other is a key part of her professional process.

When Tayler’s not talking marketing solutions, you can likely find her talking politics with anyone who will listen, whipping up something mouthwatering in her kitchen (ask her for her short ribs recipe—we dare you), or climbing rocks and shattering ceilings.


Meet Gillian

Copywriter + Paperback Hoarder

Fueled by: hot yoga classes | perfectly foamed cappuccinos | afternoon hammock naps.

With seven years under her belt as the founder of GG Copywriting, no one knows content like our girl Gillian. From earning a college its first-ever accreditation with 100% compliance (thanks to 300-page study she wrote) to having wedding pros describe her work as “magic” (true story), if it involves creating killer content from scratch, it’s right up her well-written alley. As the former associate editor at Aisle Planner and a copywriter for wedding pros from Tahoe to Tuscany, Gillian’s written over 1,000 wedding industry-related articles—and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon (unless it’s to sharpen her pencil).

When she’s not jotting on behalf of our clients, you can find her hammering out letters to friends on one of her vintage typewriters, working on her fiction manuscript, or adventuring around Lake Tahoe with her husband and ever-enthusiastic Catahoula pup (who we’re not fully convinced isn’t a hyena).

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